die evidenz des faktischen/ daily notes [webdocumentary]
esztergom basilica, hungary 1987 [blow ups, 2020]
them, part 2: café de paris [short film, 2019]
about horses, rabbits and man [short film, 2019]
photo notes: berlin/ 2018-19 [webdocumentary]
subways, berlin 2017-2018 [photographys, not edited because of terror attacks]
this is off the wall – the orange book, photographys, berlin 2016-2018 [draft, not edited because of terror attacks]

the talisman, concept for a tv series based on the novel by stephen king and peter straub, 1984
a strange woman, screenplay short 2021
emma´s fault, screenplay short 2019
kahla, exposition for a tatort 2014
irgendwann im april, screenplay short 2010
jenseits des kamenzer polsterhimmels, screenplay short 2008
zwei winter, film treatment, tp2/ tradewind pictures 2008
love is the e, film concept 2001

older works:
europa-center, berlin 2016
levetzowstraße, berlin 2016
photo notes: leipzig/ 2014-16 [webdocumentary], leipzig 2014-2015 [not edited because of terror attacks]
23 drawings, leipzig 2012-2013
alpha bowlingcenter, leipzig 2011
the stolen movie, tp2/ tradewind pictures 2008-2010 [unfinished documentary for cinemas]
peripheries 3: billigland, halle-neustadt 2006 [five photographs, kunstfestival „begehungen“ chemnitz 2007]
peripheries 2: halle, schkeuditz and weimar, 2007 [not edited because of terror attacks]
peripheries: altenburg and elsewhere, 2003-2007
on set: schultze gets the blues, 2003
objekt, halle 2003
landmann, buw 2000 [documentary, video short]
exercises: drawings and prints, buw 1995-1998
the broken frame, buw 1998
paris, buw 1996
early stage photography in theaters, 1990-1997
prague, 1994
three landscapes, norway 1993
italy, 1991
landrock, zeulenroda 1988-94

see also:
lewinsky 696, the kampusch-gate/ materials for station zero
case docs, public
neo rauch, leipzig/ related works
bauhaus-universität weimar/ materials
movie researches
crew united
kameradschaftsabend, christoph schlingensief, volksbühne/ dctp, vox 1999

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